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MIAMI, Florida (July 17, 2017). Rebel Eleven has just signed singer, songwriter and musician Jeremy Bosch, the young Puerto Rican musical prodigy who has performed in concerts throughout the world as lead singer of the Spanish Harlem Orchestra. Rebel Eleven and Bosch have created an alliance for the development, management, production and representation of the … Read More


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“I’ve always wanted to sail around the world in a handmade boat, and I built a boat.” -Will Ferrell        I have an older brother: his name is Joshuah.  Joshuah is a realist.  Quite the opposite of me, really.  I’m an idealist, always have been.  Regardless, during his whole life he has had … Read More

Honoring The Work

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“No person was ever honored for what he received, honor is the reward for what he gave.” – Calvin Coolidge Several months ago I was in Miami doing recording sessions, meetings, etc, and my feet unexplainably found their way into a famous burger fast food establishment (don’t judge me, I was hungry as hell).  At … Read More